Bowback House

Dismantling a former office block in Milton Keynes

Bowback House is a former office block located in the centre of the Milton Keynes Business Hub. The project, although held its challenges by location and tight environmental constraints, was not the norm for Tilley and Barrett who tend to focus on more technical dismantling demolition schemes within Central London. As a business Tilley and Barret have a team of highly trained and experienced Project Managers and Demolition Operatives who have a vast amount of knowledge in all areas of demolition.

Bowback House was demolished using a selection of High Reach Demolition Excavators and Standard Demolition Excavators ranging from 57 Ton to 13 Ton, fitted with high efficiency attachments to reduce the structure to ground level. To ensure environmental compliance, heavy dust suppression was deployed using fine mist spraying and direct high pressure water suppression.

To complete, the slabs and foundations were removed to two meters below ground level, plotting piles and crushing all arisings to a 6f2 specification to be used for piling mats and fill across the site, circa 27 thousand tons of site won material.