Tilley and Barrett pride ourselves on being a forward-thinking business with sustainability central to the delivery of all our operations; from top-down deconstruction, soft stripping materials out of a building to increase their lifespan elsewhere, urban mining, reuse of existing structures and specialist services including asbestos removal, façade retention, remediation, and resource management.

We are committed to deliver a legacy we’re proud of, being a business that is considerate to both the environment and communities in which we work, while investing in our teams and younger generations coming through the company, to ensure that we’re a resilient business for years to come.

Throughout our divisions, we perpetually raise the environmental standard and consistently deliver on our sustainability goals to improve our performance in relation to reducing avoidable waste, realising opportunities for circular outcome and urban mining of materials - to keep building materials in use at the highest value possible, as well as minimise the resources we consume to support our core operations covering energy, materials, and associated carbon. We support enhancement of local biodiversity where there is opportunity to, and key to all of this is the support, engagement, and increased awareness amongst our workforce.