We understand that our work is much more than what we do directly on site, it is also about the local and wider environment, the surrounding areas of our sites, and the people that live and work in those areas. On all our projects we ensure that these matters are considered before, during, and after the project.

Noise, Dust, and Vibration

We are at the forefront of noise, dust, and vibration mitigation, using the latest technology, innovative enhanced acoustic mitigation measures, and monitors, to ensure our work does not disrupt the surrounding area and the people that live and work within it. We regularly review our procedures and ensure we have a close relationship with local stakeholders, communicating on the works taking place and addressing any concerns. Our inhouse experts can use noise mapping technology to visualise any anticipated noise from works and facilitate best practice mitigation methods and sequencing of works, reducing any impact to the surrounding area.

Resident Engagement

Engagement with local resident and business is crucial to any successful project. We often work in constrained sites that are within, or adjacent, to residential homes and live operating business, including hotels. Before any project starts, we speak to our neighbours and detail the works that are happening and why. We address any concerns they may have, and we lay out a communications plan, providing various means of contact, including a direct line to site managers, a dedicated website, letter drops, and regular meetings.

The Environment

Both the local environment we work within, and the wider global environment are at the forefront of how we operate. We are an industry leader in using biofuels, electric vehicles, and machinery on our sites. The technology used in other Toureen divisions, such as Toureen Retail that are experts in EV charging, is filtered across the business and utilised where possible, this ensures that our regularly reviewed practices and procedures are aligned with our Net Zero target. Our environmental team visits each and every site, and they are involved as early as the planning stages to ensure that all of our work is achieved in the most sustainable way.

Material Re-use

We understand the importance of reusing materials. Deconstructing buildings in the right way allows the materials we have removed to be used in other projects, and when they can’t, they are transported to our in-house recycling centre for processing before re-use. On all of our projects, we aim to store, processes, and catalogue as much material as possible ready for re-use or recycling.


With our specialists in-house logistic team, we plan in advance how our projects will operate, and we communicate these to all stakeholders. We take into account local business, residents, pedestrians, and traffic, including cyclists. We understand that logistics is a vital part of any successful project, and from our long history of working in London, often on constrained and challenging sites, we do our upmost to be as discrete and safe as possible.

Party Walls

As part of all major inner-city demolitions, an understanding of the party wall condition is paramount to a successful floor by floor demolition. The main areas of focus are our neighbours’ expectations regarding noise and vibration transmission, an understanding of the construction and connectivity of the adjacent buildings, the foundation details, and connectivity. Once these areas are investigated and understood the design the deconstruction can commence, along with constant engagement with third party wall surveyors. Key to the success of any project involving party walls is investigation, planning, concept design, engagement, construction drawings, and delivery. This can then be further enhanced with reactive design from our in-house engineers and engagement is conditions change.