Clements Road

Demolishing Council office buildings to make way for two new residential blocks.

The existing Council office buildings, which ere sited on 17-23 and 22-26 Clements Road, were demolished to make way for two new residential blocks. The site was situated in Ilford Town Centre, leading directly off the pedestrian town centre and near the existing railway station and future Crossrail station.

The accessibility and space restrictions of the site limited the choice of demolition plant and as a result a traditional progressive demolition was envisaged, involving a top-down approach carried out by hand and mini machines, as appropriate.

Working from roof level down, the works were performed concurrently to maintain structural stability and avoided unnecessary leading edges. Where necessary, handheld demolition was used to protect the general public, public highway, properties and structures.

The method adopted also ensured that vibration and noise levels within around the site, and around the neighbouring buildings did not exceed the agreed levels. Noise, vibration and dust monitoring was undertaken throughout the project.