Walton on Thames

Located in the heart of Walton on Thames, the former Homebase site was to be demolished and remediation taken place, so that a new retirement home could be built.

Client: Wates

Project Value: 350k

Date of Completion: 2021

As the site is situated within a residential area, along with parks, retail and other public spaces, it was imperative that any environmental impact was kept to a minimum. To aid in the mitigation of disruption, dust, noise, and vibration monitors were located at the site boundaries, with control levels agreed and set as part of Section 60 regulations, and working with ecologists the roof structure cladding was removed so as demolition could progress.


The deconstruction was undertaken by a 35ton demolition excavator fitted with shears, and secondary processing and loading away by 25ton excavators. Following the demolition, a major excavation was undertaken to remove a former raft slab that was circa one and a half meters thick and two meters below the ground level. All arisings were then crushed and processed. On final completion, the site met a landfill avoidance criterion of 98%, an excellent result for all involved.